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2012 Bulls


Chisholm Trail CPL;  DOB=6/29/12; Sire=Sledgehammer; Dam=M Arrow Suzie Chex.  This young bull was bred by Nik and Kim Nikodym of Newcastle, Ok.  We are in partnership with them on this bull.   43.25"ttt@15.55 months!   47.0"ttt@ 17.02 months!  51.25"ttt@18.7 months;
 53.5"ttt@19.5 months;  56.75"ttt@ 21.0 months!  He has excellent backward horn shape with huge bases!  62.5"ttt@24.0 months!!  We bred him to a few of our heifers and a couple cows for '14. 65.75"ttt@ 27 months;   His horn measurements were very competitive in the '14 Horn Showcase.  We are liking his calves.  We didn't breed him much; Gwendoyn is the only cow in our herd by him but she is a great producer already.  Sold.
                                      Hunts Emperor
                             Hunts Command Respect
                                      Miss Rodeo America
                Sledgehammer 83"ttt
Chisholm Trail CPL
                              Working Man Chex
                                       Working Woman
                 M Arrow Suzie Chex
                                       Rutledge's Dinger
                              M Arrow Miss Sue 3 CF9
                                       Sage Sue

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