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2012 Heifers



J.R. Mia; DOB=5/4/12; Sire=J.R. Dinger; Dam=J.R. Mitzi.  39.25"ttt@ 13 months.   42"ttt@14.2 months!   50.25"ttt@19.0 months!!  She has a bull calf, Montana, by the North Star bull in 2014. We used him as a herd sire and we love his calves! 52.25"ttt@23 months.  She has huge bases to her horns.  Good Mama.  58.25"ttt@32 months.  Check out her bull calf, Montana, under '14 Bulls.    63"ttt@ 44 months.  65.5"ttt on 2/6/17.  For '17 she has another great bull calf, Mountain Do, by our Gambler bull. Mountain Do (pictured above) has 41.25"ttt @ 13 months.  For '18 she has another great looking bull. She's a big strong cow with thick base horns.  She is our source of Rutledge's DINGER!   $4000. Mia Sold to Danae Larue.  We still have this great son of her's, Mountan Do.  He's 52"ttt@17 months. He's for sale.  56"ttt@18 months!
                                            Hunts Demands Respect
                              KC Contender
                                            K.C. Coalette
           J.R. Dinger
                                           Rutledge's Dinger
                             Rutledge Miss Sue YS 80"ttt
                                           Sage Sue
J.R. Mia
                                           Hunts Demand Respect
                             KC Just Respect  78+"ttt
                                          K.C. Jazzmin
             J.R. Mitzi
                                          J.R. 20-20
                             J.R. Melodic
                                          J.R. Melody by Grand S.


Above is a picture of Gambler and Bali at about 15 months.




J.R.Tweeter; DOB=4-25-12; Sire=J.R.Grant; Dam=J.R.Twyla.   She has a heifer calf by the Ace for '15.  What a pretty pair.  55.5"ttt@45 months.  She has a bull calf by the Ace for '16.  59"ttt on 2/6/17.  She has the beautiful "Texas twist" all of the daughters of Grant.  For '17 she has a pretty heifer by the Montana bull.  For '18 she has a pretty red and white heifer by Gambler.  61"ttt@ as a 4 year old....with real twisty horns.  $1700 for Tizzy only...bred back to Gambler for a full sis to her '18 heifer.
                                  Hunts Demands Respect
                    KC Just Respect
                                  K.C. Jazzmin
        J.R. Grant
                                  J.R. Premium
                     J.R. Garnet
                                  J.R. Gandi by JR Gandi
J.R. Tweeter
                                  Hunts Demands Respect
                      KC Just Respect
                                  K.C. Jazzmin
           J.R. Twyla
                      J.R. Treasure
                                  J.R. Royal Blessing



J.R. Mermaid; DOB=6/9/12; Sire=J.R.Grant; Dam=J.R. Milkmaid.  38.5"ttt@ 12.0 months!!   43.25"ttt@13.2 months!!   55.75"ttt@18.74 months!!!!   59.75"ttt@22 months!  She has a bull, the Mayor, by the Ace.  63.0"ttt@24.7 months!!  67.5"ttt@29 months!!   She would have won the Bronzes at both horn measurements in '14...had we taken her to the competitions!!  She did win First place at the Winchester Futurity.  She is double bred J.R. Grand Slam and J.R.Premium.   70.0"ttt@31 months!!  For 2015 she has a bull calf by the Chisholm Trail bull.  Her #s are for real!  And she has tons of Total Horn also.  72.75"ttt@36.0 months!  76.7"ttt@40.0 months!!  For '16 she has a pretty bull calf by Montana.  She has as much total horn as any cow out there...should have 80"ttt by 4 years of age!!!  80.75"@49 months!!  SOLD!  Mermaid has been sold to Matt Baca of Sidney, Montana for $21,500.  Matt says Mermaid had a heifer by Gambler for him.  He entered her in the '17 Horn Showcase and she placed 2nd in ttt and total horn...very impressive.
                                    Hunts Demand Respect
                         KC Just Respect 78+"ttt
                                    K.C. Jazzmin 70+"ttt
             J.R. Grant
                                    J.R. Premium 73+"ttt
                         J.R. Garnet
                                    J.R. Gandi by Grand Slam
J.R. Mermaid
                                    J.R. Premium
                        J.R. Viking  73+"ttt
                                    J.R. Vixen by Grand Slam
          J.R. Milkmaid
                                    J.R. Premium
                       J.R. Milky Way
                                    J.R. Got MilkbyGrand Slam

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