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2016 Heifers



J.R. Saddle Blanket; sire= RBR The Duke; dam= RBR Sequoia; dob=3/2/16;  Big heifer with big horns; Bred to Gambler for 2018.  Pictured at 18 months; 50"ttt@ 22 months;  Large bases with good action on tips of horns.  Likes being scratched.  For '18 she has her first calf, a heifer, by Gambler.  Glory be!  $2500 for Saddle Blanket.
                                   Cowboy Chex
                       CV Cowboy Casanova
                                   Smoky Roan
            RBR The Duke
                                   DH Red Ranger
                        Roberta Leigh
                                   Phenomenal Lively Deigo
J.R. Saddle Blanket
                                   Carl's Oreo
                       PPF Gun Maker
                                   Funman's Fancy Ava
           RBR Sequoia
                                   DL Cherokee's Roundup
                       TC Fat Horn
                                   DB 612-612-205507


J.R. Flicka; SRH Wow's Ace X J.R. Flashback; dob=4/4/16;  She's blessed with beautiful parents!    51.5"ttt@21 months.  Sister to Fanny who has 77"ttt@ 3 years.  For '18 she has a brown bull by Gambler.    $3300 for Flicka only.
                              DH Red Rider
                     M Arrow Wow
                              Slick's Little Star
          SHR Wow's Ace
                              Temptation's the Ace
                     Danielle Lena Leigh
                               Danielle Toro
J.R. Flicka
                               Hunts Command Respect
                     Hunts Demand Respect
                               Hunt's Black Beauty
          J.R. Flashback
                               KC Showdown by the Shadow
                               K.C. Nightflash by Grand Slam


J.R. Gwendol; dob=4/11/16; sire=Montana; dam=Gweneth; Great heifer;   52.5"ttt@ 21 months;  She has a beautiful heifer by Gambler for'18.  $2900.  This beautiful pair has been sold to Jerry and Gretchen Lotspeich of Crawford, Ne.
                               Star Regard
                     J.R. North Star
                               Sequential Stars by Grand Slam
          J.R. Montana
                               J.R. Dinger
                     J.R. Mia
                               J.R. Mitzi
J.R. Gwendol
                               Top Caliber
                     High Caliber
                                Phenomenal Tari
          J.R. Gweneth
                                KC Just Respect
                     J.R. Gayla
                                J.R. Gandi by Grand Slam


J.R. Georgia; dob=4/27/16; sire=Montana; dam=Gypsy; great horns; great heifer!   52.25"ttt@  21 months.  She has a beautiful heifer by Gambler for '18.  $2900.  This beautiful pair has also been purchaced by Jerry and Gretchen Lotspeich of Crawford, Ne.
                               Star Regard
                   J.R. North Star
                               Sequential Stars by Grand Slam
         J.R. Montana
                               J.R. Dinger
                   J.R. Mia
                               J.R. Mitzi
J.R. Georgia
                               M Arrow Wow
                    SHR Wow's Ace
                               Danielle Lena Leigh
          J.R. Gypsy
                               J.R. Grant
                     J.R. Gabby
                               J.R. Gayla by JR Gandi

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