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2014 Heifers



J.R. Trace; dob=3/20/14; AceXTizzy;  40.0"ttt@14.5 months;  50"ttt@19.5 months with alot of total horn.  Her first calf is a nice bull calf by Montana.    59.75"ttt on 2/6/17...2.8 years.  She has a beautiful bull calf by our huge horned Gambler bull...he's sold.

                              DH Red Ranger
                  M Arrow Wow
                              Slick's Little Star(GunmanXStarlight)
          SHR Wow's Ace
                               Temptations the Ace
                   Danielle Lena Leigh
                                Danielle Toro
J.R. Trace
                                KC Just Respect
                   J.R. Grant
                                J.R. Garnet (JRPremiumXJRGandi)
          J.R. Tizzy
                    J.R. Treasure
                                J.R. Royal Blessing



J.R.Grace; dob=3/26/14; AceXGalena;    44.25@19.5 months with alot of shape (total horn).  She has a bull by our Montana bull for '16. For 2017 she has a bull calf by Montana.   54.5"ttt on 2/6/17...with lots of total horn.  She is bred back to our huge horned Gambler bull.  $3900 for Grace only.

                               DH Red Ranger
                    M Arrow Wow
                              Slicks Little Star(GunmanXStarl)
           SHR Wow's Ace
                              Temptations the Ace
                    Dannielle Lena Leigh
                               Danielle Toro by Overwhelm Toro
J. R. Grace
                               J.R. Premium
                     J.R. Viking
                                J.R. Vixen
            J.R. Galena
                                J.R. Premium
                      J.R. Garnet
                                J.R. Gandi (JRGrand Slam/Gun)


Rosalee;  dob=3/28/14;  AceXRosette;   43"ttt@19.76 months;  She has a heifer calf by our Montana bull for '17. Her horns are slightly asymetrical.    She's very tall.  56.5"ttt on2/6/17.  $4200 for Rosalee bred back to Gambler.
                            M Arrow Wow by Red Ranger
              SHR Wow's Ace
                            Danielle Lena Leigh by Tempt the A
J.R. Rosalee
                           KC Just Respect by HDR
              J.R. Rosette
                           J.R. Rebecca by Premium




J.R. Gretchen; dob=7-8-15;  Ace x Gretel;  43.5"ttt@15.1 months;  She has a beautiful heifer by the Montana bull.  59.5"ttt on 2/6/17 @ 2.5 years.  She's beautiful!!  For 2017 she has a pretty heifer by our huge horned Gambler bull.
                               M Arrow Wow
                 SHR Wow's Ace
                               Danielle Lena Leigh
J.R. Gretchen
                              J.R. Quixote
                J.R. Gretel
                              J.R. Gayla out of Gandi


Buttercup;  dob=5/2/14;  Sire=Ace and dam=Burma;  She's a beautiful bull calf.  43.5"ttt@18.1 months;  56.5"ttt@ 2.6 years.  For '17 she has a heifer by our Montana bull. She is bred back to our big horned Gambler bull. $4000 for Buttercup only.  61.5"ttt@ 3 years...high horns that have not rolled over yet.  Gentle.
                             M Arrow Wow by Red Tanger
                SHR Wow's Ace
                             Danielle Lena Leigh
J.R. Buttercup
                             J.R. Grant
                J.R. Burma
                             J.R. Beulah

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