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'08 Cows





J.R. Gingersnap.  DOB= 4/5/08;  Sire=K.C.Just Respect; Dam=J.R.Ginger;  23.5"ttt@ 9.5 months;  35.5"ttt@ 14 months; alot of horn in her pedigree.   Service sire=Viking who has 65.5"ttt@27.5 months.   She has 20%Gunman in her pedigree!   47"ttt of high  horn @ 22 months!  She is top notch!  51"ttt@25.5 months;    56"ttt@33 months!  For'11 she has a beautiful heifer calf, Greta, by the pretty blk and wt bull, Quixote!  This is a home run genetic package!  She measures 60.75"ttt@ 40 months!  She's a grand- daughter of the great 80+"ttt Gandi cow!!   67.25"ttt@4 years;   68.5"ttt@ almost 5 years;   71.5"ttt on 4/8/14 at 5 years of age.    74ttt@6+years. For 2015 she has a great bull calf by the Ace.  78ttt on 1/09/18.  This bull calf has been sold to Curtis and Ross Ohlenforf of Austin, Tx.  Her full sister, Gingerale just sold at the Select Sale for $10750 to Russel Freeman of Yoder, Co. 
  For '18 Gingersnap has an exciting heifer calf by Gambler...this calf should really be special.  $8000 for the pair.  All of our cows are bred back to Gambler for March-May '19 calves.
                                                              Hunt's Command Respect
                                                Hunts Demands Respect      =77+"
                                                              Hunts Black Beauty
                           K.C. Just Respect=76+"ttt
                                                              Overhead out of Overln
                                                K.C. Jazzmin=68+"ttt
                                                              K.C. Pizzazz=80"ttt
J. R. Gingersnap
                                                              Pay Check BL(Lady Lite)
                                                J.R. Premium=73"ttt
                                                              Dumplin by Roundup
                          J. R. Ginger=72+"ttt
                                                              J. R. Grand Slam
                                                J. R. Gandi=80"ttt
                                                              J. R. Dandi by Gunman

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