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J.R. Fiona; dob=2/17/17;  J.R. FelicityXGambler;  48.5"ttt@16.4 months.  She's really special.  She and all of our yearlings are bred to Mountain Do for 2019 calves due March-May.


J.R. Mountain Do; dob=3/10/17;  J.R. MiaXGambler;  50.5"ttt@15.9 months!  You don't have to be a math major to see where this bull calf is going.  We are breeding him to our heifers. He measures 52"ttt@17 months!  He's for sale.


J.R. Grindle;  dob=3/4/17;  J.R. GalaXJ.R. Montana;  He's beautiful!  Sold to Curtis and Ross Ohlendorf of Lockhart, Tx.  His registered name now is J. R. Dynamite!


J.R. Clarissa; dob=2/18/17; ClarabellXJ.R. Montana;  41.5"ttt@17.68 months;


J.R. Fanfare; dob=3/5/17; J.R. FannyXJ.R. Montana;  42.75"ttt@16.02 months;  She and her mom, Fanny, won the only futurity that I ever took them to.


J.R. Gaye; dob=6/1/17; J.R. GretchenXGambler;  39.75"ttt@13.22 months!  Take a close look at her mother, Gretchen.


J.R. Gift; dob=6/17/17; GwendolynXGambler;  37.5"ttt@12.66 months.  The majority of Gambler's heifers develop brindle by 12 months!!

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