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'09 Cows




J. R. Gayla; DOB=4/5/09; Sire=K.C.Just Respect; Dam=Gandi...who just sold at the '10 Legacy Sale for $42000!  Gayla is 31%Gunman, 25%Grand Slam, and 25%Hunts Demand Respect!  She is half sister to Ginger and Garnet.  She is 31.0"ttt@12.0 months;  35.5"ttt@13.75 months;  46.25"ttt@21.5 months;   She has huge base horns!  For her first calf she has a pretty heifer, Gretel, by the pretty black and wt. Quixote bull!  Gayla measures 52"ttt@ 28 months...high, big based horns!  For 2012 she has a pretty heifer by the Grant bull.   55.25"ttt@34 months;  61.25"ttt@41 months;  63.5"ttt@ 47 months; ...a wonderful daughter of the over 80"ttt Gandi cow that we raised here also.  She has a heifer, Gweneth, by High Caliber for '13.  67"ttt@50 months!!   69.5"ttt@ 5 years.   She has 73ttt@6 years...with tons of total horn!  76.75ttt@7 years....this is exactly the same measurement as her mom, Gandi, had at the same age.  Gandi sold for $42000 and measures over 83"ttt today.  Gala measures 78"ttt on 2/6/17.  For 2017 she has a beautiful bull by the Montana bull....and she's bred back to Gambler for a '18 calf.
                                                              Hunts  Command Respect
                                          Hunts Demands Respect        =77+"ttt
                                                             Hunts Black Beauty
                      K.C. Just Respect=76+"ttt
                                          K.C. Jazzmin=68+"ttt
                                                             K.C. Pizzazz by Gunman
J.R. Gayla                                                           =80"ttt
                                            J.R. Grand Slam
                                                              J.R. Sequential
                    J.R. Gandi=80"ttt
                                              J. R. Dandi
                                                               J.R. Dani by Rangago


J. R. Gingerale; DOB=4/5/09; Sire=K.C.Just Respect; Dam=Ginger;  She is 28"ttt@12.0 months;  32"ttt@13.8 months;  Check out her full sister, Gingersnap!  45.75"ttt@ 21.5 months;  For '11 she has a bull calf, Quantum, by the Quixote bull!  53"ttt@ 28 months;  For '12 Gingerale has a heifer calf by the  Dinger bull.   56.75"ttt@34 months;  63.5"ttt@41 months;   65.5"ttt@ 47 months; For '13 she has a heifer by High Caliber.   71.25"ttt@4 years.  For'14 she has a heifer, Geneva, by the Ace.    She has a beautiful heifer by the Ace for '15.  In the above picture her full sister, Gingersnap is in the background. She's quiet and gentle like ALL of our cattle.  75.75"ttt@7 years.  For 2016 she has a bull calf by the Ace bull.  She is consigned to the Select Sale in Colorado Springs in Aug.  $10750...she sold to Russel Freeman of Yoder, Co.
                                                              Hunts Command Respect
                                                Hunts Demand Respect     =77+"tt
                                                              Hunt's Black Beauty
                       K.C. Just Respect=78+"ttt
                                                K.C. Jazzmin=68+"ttt
                                                              K.C. Pizzazz by Gunman
J.R. Gingerale                                                  =80"ttt
                                                              Pay Check BL
                                                  J.R. Premium=73"ttt
                                                              Dumplin 04
                       J.R. Ginger=72+"ttt
                                                              J.R. Grand Slam
                                                   J.R. Gandi=80"ttt
                                                               J.R. Dandi

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