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'13 Heifers



J.R. Fanny; dob=5/2/13; GrantXFlashback; Compare her to our 2012 heifers who are also by our Grant bull...esp. our Mermaid heifer.  53.25"ttt@20 months;  She had a pretty heifer, Fifi, by our Chisholm Trail bull for 2015.  This young (23 months old) pair is special.  59.75"ttt@25.0 months!  Fanny won the large futurity class 6 at the Rocky Mt. Select Sale in Colorado Springs on Aug. 7th, 2015.  66"@31 months!   73.5"ttt  @ 3.5 years old.  For 2017 she has a fabulous heifer, Fanfare, by the Montana bull.   77"ttt@ less than 4 years.  For '18 she has a beautiful heifer by Gambler, Frolic...really special!  $4900 for Fanny only.  All of our cows are bred back to Gambler for March-May '19 calves.  Fanny is SOLD to Jerry and Gretchen Lotspeich of Crawford, Ne.

                                    Hunts Demands Respect
                         KC Just Respect
                                    KC Jazzmin
            J.R. Grant
                                   J.R. Premium
                         J.R. Garnet
                                   J.R. Gandi    80+"ttt
J. R. Fanny
                                   Hunts Command Respect
                         Hunts Demands Respect
                                   Hunts Black Beauty
            J.R. Flashback
                                   KC Showdown
                         K.C. Flashdance
                                   KC Night Flash by JR Grand Slam


RBR Sequoia; dob=11/02/2013;  Purchased from Randy and Miki Bienek of Sugar Land, Tx.  She has had us a pretty heifer, Saddleblanket, by RBR The Duke for 2016.  57"ttt on 2/6/17. We favor anything that goes back to Gunman=most every animal in our herd!  For 2017 she has a super bull calf by our big horned Gambler bull.  For '18 she has a wonderful bull calf also by the Gambler bull.  We really like these genetics. For '19 she has a bull calf.  $1800.

                                   Carl's Oreo by Senator Carl
                        PPF Gun Maker
                                   Gunman's Fancy Ava by Gunman
         RBR Sequoia
                                   DL Cherokee's Roundup
                       TC Fat Horn
                                    DB612 by Classic Reflection




RBR Shiloh; dob=11/13/2013; Purchased from Randy and Miki Bienek of Sugar Land, Tx.  She's another beautiful Gunmaker daughter.  She has blessed us with a pretty RBR The Duke heifer, Shawnee.  61.5"ttt on 2/6/17...@3.25 years of age!  She has a beautiful bull calf by the Montana bull for 2017.  67"ttt@4 years old.  For '18 she has a great heifer, Shianne, by the Gambler bull...pictured above.  For '19 she has another great looking heifer calf.

                                     Carl's Oreo by Senator Carl
                       PPF Gun Maker
                                     Gunman's Fancy Ava by Gunman
      RBR Shiloh
                                     Iceman by Phenomenon
                      Miss Yolanda
                                     Magic's Midnight by Dixie Magic

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