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2006-2007 Cows



J.R. Milky Way; DOB= 4-25-07; J.R. Got Milk X J.R. Premium;    Milky Way has 49.5ttt @ 21.5 months!!    Milky Way measures 54.0"ttt@ 25 months!  58.0ttt@30 months;   61"ttt@ 33 months; 66.75"ttt@ 45 months; She is 50%Premium, 25%Grand Slam, and 25% Gunman! For 2010 she has a beautiful heifer by Viking=Milk Maid.    70.75"ttt@5 years.    75.5ttt on 1/25/16
  She's the dam of our great Milk Maid who's the dam of the great Mermaid who was almost 82"ttt @ age 4 when we sold her.  For 2017 she has a pretty black heifer, Medora, by the Montana bull. She has a great looking bull calf by Gambler for 2018.  $4000 for Milky Way and calf.
                                      Sage Shadow
                        Pay Check BL
                                      Lady Lite
J.R. Premium=73"ttt
                        Dumplin 04
                                      Puddin by Tabasco
                        J. R. Grand Slam
                                      J.R. Sequential
J. R. Got Milk
                       J. R. Nancy
                                      J. R. Sequel by JR.Rangago



J.R. Libby; 5-16-07; J.R. Liberty X K.C. Just Respect;  She is 22% Gunman; 50% K.C.Just Respect.  She has a pretty heifer named Livia by J.R. Viking. She measures 46.25"ttt@ 24 months!   53.25"ttt@ 32 months;   55.5"ttt@ 36 months; For '10 she has a nice heifer calf by Viking named Lisa.   60.75"ttt@ 44 months;   Libby measures 66"ttt @ 5 years!   69.5"ttt@5+ years.  For 2013 she has another pretty heifer...this time by High Caliber.   71.75"ttt on 4/8/14.  She has a full brother owned by Ross Ohlendorf of Austin that has over 80"ttt.  She lost her 2015 calf on a cold night. $3500. SOLD to Kathy Kittler of Kittler Land and Cattle of Carlisle, Ar.
                                                       Hunt's Command Respect
                                     Hunts Demands Respect     =77+"ttt
                                                       Hunt's Black Beauty
               K. C. Just Respect=76+"ttt
                                                       Overhead out of Overlyn
                                    K. C. Jazzman=68+"ttt
                                                       K. C. Pizzazz by Gunman
J. R. Libby                                                    =80"ttt
                                                       J. R. Hocus Pocus-Gunman
                                   J. R. Ramrod                   =70+"ttt
                                                       J. R. Ricochet by Rendezvous
                J. R. Liberty
                                                       J. R. Grand Slam
                                   J. R. Lasso
                                                       J. R. Lassie



K.C. Clarabelle; 4/9/2007; J.R. PremiumXJ.R. Michelle;  72.5"ttt@7 years.  She's another great Premium daughter.   She's gentle and a great mother.  73.25"ttt on 1/25/16.  For 2017 she has a beautiful black heifer, Clarissa, by the Montana bull.  For '18 she has a wonderful big heifer by Gambler.  $3500.

                               Sage Shadow
                       Pay Check BL
                               Lady Lite
             J.R. Premium
                       Dumplin 04
                               Puddin  60
K.C. Clarabelle
                               J.R. Flash double bred Gunman
                       J.R. Fancy
                               J.R. Nancy by Gunman
             J.R. Michelle
                               Gunna Appeal
                      J.R. Chelli
                               Miss Senator's Classic

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