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Junior Bulls


J.R.Grant; DOB=8/3/09; Sire=K.C.Just Respect; Dam=J.R.Garnet;  He is genetically a full brother to Gingersnap ('08). He's a nice combination of Gunman, Hunt's Demand Respect, and J.R.Premium!  He measures 49.0"ttt@18.75 months;  He's a grandson of our great Gandi cow.  56.75"@21.6 months;  He has huge bases.  He projects to over 73"ttt.  We are breeding him to over half of our cows this summer.   60.0" @ 25 months!   63.25"ttt@30 months!  He is related to every "G" named cow in our herd=Gandi related!  He's very gentle and well behaved.  65.75"ttt as a late 2 year old.  We love his calves.  SOLD!
                                                      Hunt's Command Respect
                                     Hunt's Demand Respect     =77+"ttt
                                                      Hunt's Black Beauty
                      KC Just Respect=76"ttt
                                     KC Jazzmin=68+"ttt
                                                      K.C Pizzazz by Gunman
J.R. Grant                                                  =80"ttt
                                                      Pay Check BL
                                    J.R. Premium=73"ttt
                                                      Dumplin by Roundup
                     J.R. Garnet
                                                      J.R. Grand Slam
                                    J.R. Gandi=80"ttt
                                                     J.R. Dandi by Gunman


High Caliber; DOB=5-20-10;  Sire=Top  Caliber; Dam=Phenomenal Tari;  Owned in partnership with Tom and Kimberley Lhoton of Dallas, Texas;  Purchased from Tommy and Kathy Mulhollan of Call, Texasl  He's 51"ttt @ 22.0 months.  With his pedigree we expect some good horn growth and great progeny in the future.  55.5"ttt @ 24+ months.  60.75"ttt@28.25 months; 69.5"ttt on 12/1/14.  We love his daughters.
                                           Hunts Emperor
                                 Hunts Command Respect
                                           Miss Rodeo America
                  Top Caliber
High Caliber 26
                                           Doherty 698
                  Phenomenal Tari
                                           Mr. Graves
                                  Tari Graves
                                           Texas Tari

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