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'11 Bulls


North Star J.R.; DOB=2/11/11; Sire=Star Regard; Dam=Sequential Stars; He comes to us from the wonderful herd of Star Creek Ranch, Darlene Aldridge and John Parmeley.  26.25"ttt@10.75 months. We hope his pedigree and color will compliment our females as we hope to breed him some in '12.   29.25"ttt@ 12.0 months.  37"ttt@15 months;  40.5"ttt@16 months.  46"ttt@ 18 months.  He has broken off  5" of horn!!  We have 4 calves by him.  They are wonderful!!
53.5"ttt@20.6months.  59"ttt@ 23.7 months.  64.75"ttt@28 months;  Darlene has had wonderful results with North Star's dam, Sequential Stars (a daughter of our great Grand Slam):  3 of his sisters by her great bull, Starbase Commander will all be in the 90s ttt; 2 will eventually go over 100"ttt and will be the longest horned cows in the breed!!! SOLD.
                                                       GR Grand Unlimited
                                        Peacemaker 44
                                                       Possum Queen
                      Star Regard
                                                       Rutledge's Dinger
                                        Star Supreme Credit
                                                       Rutledge's Miss Somewhat
North Star J.R.
                                         H.R. Grand Slam
                                                       J.R. Sequential
                      Sequential Stars 81+"ttt
                                                        GF Southbrooke
                                         Stars Southern Accent
                                                         585 Concho


Sequential Stars; dam of North Star;  shown at 5 years old at 77+"ttt and 103.5"total horn...owned by Darlene Aldredge and John Parmeley of Star Creek Ranch.


SHR Wow's Ace;  DOB=4/01/2011;  Sire=M Arrow Wow; Dam=Danielle Lena Leigh; Purchased from Doug and Sandi Stotts of Houston, Tx. when he was just a calf.  34.5"ttt@13.5 months;  37.5"ttt@ 14.6 months.  40"ttt@ 15.25 months.   50.0"ttt@19 months;  56"ttt@ 21 months;  60"ttt@23months; 64.5"ttt@26.5 months.   66.75"@27.75 months.  69.50"ttt@30.5 months;  70.75"ttt@ 32.0 months!  71.0"ttt@32.9 months;  We bred him to most of our cows and heifers in 2013.  72.1"ttt@34.5 months;  He's very gentle and reminds us of his great grandfather, Gunman!  73.25"ttt@36.0 months!  We are liking his calves!!  76.75ttt@43 months!  He and his calves are very gentle and easy to have around.  78.25ttt@48 months.  We have bred the Ace for 3 years now and so he is for sale.  His disposition is Perfect and he's a great breeder. We love his calves! $4500.  Sold to Jim and Jodi Small of Arch Acres of Attica, In....who took the above picture soon after Ace arrived there.
                                  Ranger's Ranch Hand
                     DH Red Ranger
                                  Miss Dixie Watson 269
           M Arrow Wow
                                 Salida Slick by Gunman
                      Slick's Little Sister
SHR Wow's  Ace
                                   The Ace
                      Temptation's The Ace
                                    Lamb's Temptation
           Danielle Lena Leigh
                                     585 Overwhelming Toro
                       Danielle Toro
                                     Coopers Danelle


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