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'11 Cows



J.R. Gretel; DOB=4/19/11; Sire=J.R.Quixote; Dam=J.R.Gayla;  She is just like her mom, Gayla,....who's just like her mom, Gandi!!!!!!  and in a brindle package!  53.5"ttt@23 months!!!     60.75"@ 3 years.  She has a pretty heifer, Gretchen, by the Ace bull for '14.  63"ttt@44 months...with tons of total horn.  65"ttt on 1/25/16.   For 2015 she has a heifer, Glitz, by the Ace.  68.5"ttt on 2/6/17...with tons of total horn!   She has a beautiful brindle heifer, Conffeti, for 2016....that's 3 beautiful heifers in a row!  For 2017 she has a handsome brindle bull by the Montana bull. For '18 she has another outstanding bull this time by Gambler...he's already outstanding!  Look at his horn buds!  The bull calf has been sold to Henry and Rhoda Detweiler of Vermontville, Michigan.  $4000 for Gretel only.  SOLD to Jerry and Lotspeich of Crawford, Ne.
                                                         J.R.Hocus Pocus=70"ttt
                                         J.R. Tribune=75"ttt
                      J.R. Quixote
                                                         Hunts Demands Respect
                                          KC Hersheys Kiss=80"ttt
                                                         K.C.HersheybyGrand Slam
J.R. Gretel
                                                         Hunts Demand Respect
                                          KC Just Respect=82"ttt
                                                         KC Jazzman=68"ttt
                     J.R. Gayla
                                                         J.R. Grand Slam
                                          J.R. Gandi=84"ttt
                                                          J.R.Dandi by Gunman


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