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Mature Cows



JR Flashback.  dob 3/18/05. 
Hunt's Demand Respect X KC Flashdance.  36" @ 14.75 months.  Her horns are angled backwards some like her sire, Hunts Demand Respect. She goes back to Grand Slam - Gunman as well as Rangago and Hunt's Demand Respect. This is Kent Bladen/Ron Jones genetics at it's best. In the past 5 months she's grown 13"!!  She has 45"@ 19 months.   49"@ 22.8 months.    For '08 she has a pretty heifer named Fiesta by  K.C. Just Respect who has 74.25"ttt@48.0 months!   At 29 months she measures55.5"ttt.!  At 35 months she has 58.75"ttt!  At 40.33 months she has 60.75"ttt...with a ton of total horn.    At 5.5 years she measures 68.75"ttt of high horn!  She is 15% Gunman; 12% Grand Slam; 50% H.Demand Respect!  She measures 71+"ttt with HUGE TOTAL HORN!  She has a pretty heifer, Fanny, by the Grant bull for 2013.   76.25"ttt on 2/6/17...with a ton of total horn.  She's a gentle cow.    For 2015 she has a pretty heifer by the Ace.  She has another pretty heifer by the Ace for 2016.  She's a great producer  Look at her daughter Fanny who won the '15 Futurity.  She has a bull calf by the Montana bull for '17.  $5500 for the pair.  They sold at the Select Sale for $6000 to Russel Freeman of Yoder, Co.



JR Gandi.  dob 4/9/02.   Reference Cow
JR Grand Slam X JR Dandi.  She is a nice double bred Gunman cow. She had a heifer by Phenoman for 2004 and her name is Gantry. Gandi is a typical Grand Slam daughter = Huge Horns!! 39" @ 19 months.    66.5"@ 4.5 years!!!  For '05, Gandi has a heifer by Premium named Ginger.    For '07 she has a heifer named Garnet by Premium=full sis to Ginger. For '08 she has a bull by K.C. Just Respect who measures 71"@36 months!!  Her bull calf has been purchased by Steve Day of Texas/South Dakota.  Thanks, Steve.   J.R. Gandi now measures 72"ttt @ 5.8 years;    75.5"ttt @ 7.0  years;  76.25'ttt@7.5 years...heading for 80"ttt!!!  Gandi has very HEAVY horn...with extreme TWIST= 100+" of TOTAL Horn!!  She is 50% Grand Slam and 50%Gunman!  She has a pretty heifer by K.C.Just Respect for '09=Gayla.  Gandi is being bred back the same way for '10 with a calving date of April 24, '10.  She is 7 years old and in 1 month she will have her 7th calf...6 of them heifers!!  $42000.  Sold to Richard Caroll of Barksdale, Tx. at the '10 Legacy Sale...THANKS!  Richard says Gandi is over 82" now!

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