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2015 Bulls




Gambler BCR 507; dob=3/16/15; sire=Figty-Fifty BCB; dam=Dabble in Stars;  We purchased him as a calf from Suzanne and William H. Tarkildsen, M.D.  34.25"ttt@12 months.    37.87"ttt@13 months;      44.75"ttt@14 months;  He's out with our heifers and a few cows until July...he's now with ALL of our females!  47.75"ttt@15 months!    57.5"ttt@18.9 months!!  He's very gentle; he just lays around growing horn and breeding our cows. He's pictured here at 18 months in the top picture.  60.5ttt@20 months.  He's special.  67"ttt@23 months!  He's really huge @ 26 months...71.5"ttt. We love his calves.  74"ttt@ 29 months!  His horns are starting to roll or rotate.  2018 calves by him is the best calves we've EVER had!!!  He's the most gentle bull we've ever had.  He stays where you put him and he doen't look across the fence. He's pushing 80"ttt@3+years.   We've used him for 3 years now so he's for sale...make us an cannot go wrong.  We have sold half interest in him to Joe Sedlacek of Greenleif, Ks.  Semen will soon be available on him.
                                               Peacemaker 44
                                Bandera Chex
                                               Poco Lady BL
                 Fifty-Fifty BCB
                                               Working Man Chex
                                Ringaling BCB
                                                Ringa Dinger
  Gambler BCR 507
                                               PPF Gunmaker
                                Starbase Commander
                                               Lady Dixie
                Dabble in Stars
                                Star Face
                                              Lundins Ava                                              


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