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J.R. Fiona; dob=2/17/17;  J.R. FelicityXGambler;  48.5ttt@16.4 months.  She's really special.  She and all of our yearlings are bred to Mountain Do for 2019 calves due March-May.  59.25ttt@21.45 months!!  61"ttt@22.9 months;  63.25"ttt@25 months;  She has a heifer by Mountain Do for '19.   66.25"ttt@28.75 months; her horns are rolling out pretty good.  $700 for Fiona only.  Sold to Jerry and Gretchen Lotspeich of Crawford, Ne.


J.R. Mountain Do; dob=3/10/17;  J.R. MiaXGambler;  50.5"ttt@15.9 months!  You don't have to be a math major to see where this bull calf is going.  We are breeding him to our heifers. He measures 52"ttt@17 months!  He's for sale.  62.0"@20.76 months!!  $2500.  67"ttt@24 months.  SOLD to Ronny and Joanna White of Roosevelt, Ut.


J.R. Fanfare; dob=3/5/17; J.R. FannyXJ.R. Montana;  42.75"ttt@16.02 months;  She and her mom, Fanny, won the only futurity that I ever took them to.  54"ttt@21 months;  She has a beautiful bull calf by Mountain Do. 55.5"@22.3 months; 58.5"ttt@24.4 months; $4500.  She has been sold to Ross and Curtis Ohlendorf of Austin, Tx.



J.R. Gaye; dob=6/1/17; J.R. GretchenXGambler;  39.75"ttt@13.22 months!  Take a close look at her mother, Gretchen.  55.25"ttt@18.1 months!!  58.5"@19.52 months; 62.25"ttt@21.55 months;  68.5ttt@25.33 months; She has a beautiful heifer by Mountain Do.  71.5"ttt@28.5 months!  She is special.  She placed 2nd at the heifer futurity at the Select Sale in August. $1700 for Gaye only. Sold to Jerry and Gretchen Lotspeich of Crawford, Ne.



J.R. Gift; dob=6/17/17; GwendolynXGambler;  37.5"ttt@12.66 months.  We are getting a lot of brindle out of Gambler!!  53"ttt@17.55 months!!  56"@19.2 months; 60"ttt@21.05 months; She has a handsome bull calf by Mountain Do.  65.5"ttt@24.66 months; $700 for Gift only.  Sold to Jerry and Gretchen Lotspeich of Crawford, Ne.


J.R. Medora; J.R. MontanaXMilk Maid; DOB=4-30-17;  41"ttt@14.8 months; 44.
25"ttt@16.1 months; 53.75"@21 months;  55.5"@22.4 months; 57.5"ttt@24.5 months;  She has a handsome heifer calf by Mountain Do.  She has been sold to Ross and Curtis Ohlendorf of Austin, Tx.


M2 Mopar; 2 year old bull purchased from M2 Land and Cattle Co, Tom and JR Matott in Kiowa, Co.  We are breeding him to our Gambler heifers for 2020 calves.  He goes to Rifleman, Cancelled Weapon, Rio Grand, and Gunman.  72.25"ttt@ 31 months with loads of shape to his horns.  He has a lot of horn with excellent shape.  He's very gentle.  He's for sale...73.5"@34 months.

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