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2014 Bulls



J.R. Montana; dob=2/25/14; North StarX Mia;  36.0"ttt@12.0 months!  He's double bred "Dinger" as well as going back to Gunman six times!  38.75"ttt@13.0 months;  42.25"ttt@14.0 months;  46.75"ttt@15.5 months;  51.25ttt@17.0 months.  We have him on our 1 and some 2 yr. old heifers.  On Aug. 10 we put him with our entire herd.  58.5"ttt@19.5 months;  60.5"ttt@21.33 months alot of horn for his age.  We like the shape of his horns, his color (brindle), and his gentle disposition.  We like his calves and many show brindle color already.  Sold.

                                     Peacemaker 44(goes back to Grand S.)
                       Star Regard927
                                     Star Supreme Credit by Rut. Dinger
           North Star
                                      J.R. Grand Slam
                       Sequential Stars
                                      Stars Southern Accent(SouthbrookX
 J.R. Montana                                                                Gunman)
                                       KC Contender by HDR
                        J.R. Dinger
                                       Rutledge Miss Sue by Rut. Dinger
            J.R. Mia
                                       KC Just Respect by HDR
                         J.R. Mitzi
                                       J.R. Melodic

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