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Herd Sires


J.R.Bonanza; 3/25/08=DOB; Sire=K.C.Just Respect (75.0"ttt @ 51.0 months.) Dam=Bobbi; Grand Slam and Hocus Pocus are both in his pedigree.  He is going to have alot of horn.   28.5"ttt @ 9.7 months! 34.5"ttt@11.5 months...and his horns are still high!   38.5"ttt@ 13.0 months! 42.5"ttt@ 14.0 months;   44.25"ttt@ 15 months;  47.75"ttt@16 months;  He WILL be one of the bigger horned bulls in the breed!   He goes back to Gunman 5 times.  He's 30% Gunman,  12% Hocus Pocus, 12% Grand Slam, and 25% Hunts Demand Respect!   53.25"ttt@18.0 months. We plan to breed him heavy in the 2010 season.   He took 2nd at Guthrie in the composite class to a bull over 4 months older!  At 21 months he measures 58.1"ttt.  He is ultra gentle.  At 23.0 months he measures 61.5"ttt.   He has huge bases to his horns...just like his daddy!  He has a full sister, Beulah, one of our best '09 heifers.   At 24.0 months=63.0"ttt!!!     @ 27 months =67.0"ttt!  At 29 months=69"ttt!  @30.0 months=69.75"ttt!!  78"ttt@ 4+ years;  He predicts to grow out to 84"ttt!!   SOLD to the partnership of Larry Lonero, Bar L Cattle Co. , Brenham, Tx.  and Trey Whichard, 4W Ranch, Sugarland, Tx.!!  As of today, 4/23/18, they say he measures 82.5"ttt.
                                                                    Hunt's Command Respect
                                             Hunts Demand Respect          =77+"ttt
                                                                    Hunt's Black Beauty
                      KC Just Respect
                                            KC Jazzmin=68+"ttt
                                                                    KC Pizzazz(Gunman
   JR Bonanza 76"@3years                         Pizzazz=80"ttt
                                                                    JR Grand Slam
                                            J.R. Rebel
                                                                    J.R. Reba-Gunman
                      J.R. Bobbi
                                                                     J.R.Hocus Pocus-
                                            J.R. Bailey                   Gunman
                                                                     J.R. Jailey-Gunman


K.C. Just Respect.   by Hunt's Demand Respect and out of K.C. Jazzman who is by Overhead (over 70") and out of Pizzazz who is a Gunman daughter with over 80" of horn ttt.  dob=5-10-'05.  K. C. Just Respect comes from the fine herd of Kent and Christine Bladen.  We are pleased to bring Doug Hunt's genetics to our herd through K.C. Just Respect. We bred him to about a dozen heifers in '06;  We like his calves and he is our senior sire for '07, '08, and '09  He measured 54.5" @ 21.75 months.   At 24.0 months he measures 60.25"ttt!    At 26 months he measures 63.75"   At 27.6 months he measures 65.75"ttt.  On 11-07-07 Horn Showcase weekend he measured 67.875"ttt @ 29.9 months!  His horn base measured 15.75"! If our truck hadn't broken down he would have won his class! Take a close look at his calves...and most of our females are bred to him for a big crop of calves by this outstanding bull for '08!     70.0"ttt @ 35 months!!    71.0"ttt@ 36 months!!!     72.5"ttt @ 38 months!!   73.75"ttt @ 44 months!   His 2/3 sister, K.C.Hershey's Kiss, just sold at the Legacy Sale for $65000!  I think our "secret" is out!  He measures 75.0"ttt @ 51.0 months!   He's very gentle.  He is 12.5% Gunman!   78"ttt@ 8 years;  We are bringing his son, Bonanza, to Guthrie.  Bonanza has alot of Gunman genetics and he measures 50.5"ttt@ 17.0 months!  We have bred K.C. Just respects for 3 years now.  We are now offering K.C. Just Respect FOR SALE:  $20000.     SOLD to Bill Hudson.  As of today, 4/23/18, they say he measures 82" ttt.
                                                                                        Hunt's Emperor
                                                             Hunt's Command Respect=77
                                                                                        Miss Rodeo
                                Hunt's Demand Respect {
                                                                                        WM Rodeo
                                                             Hunt's Black Beauty
K.C. Just Respect     {
                                                            Overhead {=72"ttt
                               K.C. Jazzman  {=68+"ttt
                                                            K.C. Pizzazz {=80"ttt
                                                                                       J.R. Razzmataz


J.R. Viking; 4-04-07; Sire=J.R. Premium; Dam=J.R.Vixen;  He's a full brother to the great Scarlet ('06).  He won all 3 bronzes for his class at the Horn show in Guthrie in '08.  He has 63.5" ttt @ 26 months...with a ton of total horn!  We have some great calves by him this year and he is breeding all of our heifers and some cows for the 2010 season.  You will see that he is 25% Grand Slam; 18% Gunman; and 50% Premium!!  He's extremely gentle just like Grand slam and Gunman.  He has 66.5"ttt@29 months.  SOLD to Les and Lane Craft of Houston, Tx.!!

                                                                                  Sage Shadow
                                                                 Pay Check BL
                                                                                  Lady Lite=70+"
                                 J. R. Premium=73"ttt
                                                                                 Puddin by Tabasco
J. R. Viking=73"ttt@ 5 years.
                                                               J. R. Grand Slam
                                                                                 J. R. Sequential
                                J. R. Vixen
                                                                                 J. R. Rendezvous
                                                             J. R. Vinni
                                                                                 J. R. Twini #1by Gun.


We used this great bull for 3 years and then sold him to Jim and Jodi Small @ 4 years when he was 80"ttt.  They say he now measures 84"ttt as of today 1/19/18.  We love his daughters.

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